At Fleeting Dream, every moment is both complete and impermanent; ever- changing, but perfect just as it is. We create interactive art with artists of varying backgrounds and specialties to bring to life what no single person could. With an emphasis on the impermanence of life we’re currently playing with fire.

Our Story

Fleeting Dream Art Collective creates large scale interactive art installations using primarily metal and wood. In addition to creating our own work we provide local artist in a variety of mediums the space and tools required to create their work at an affordable price. Our studio hosts artists, workshops, and events through out the year.


Our Team

Adi  Azulay

Creative Director/Founder

Adi is an artist, designer, and fabricator living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He manages the Fleeting Dream Art Collective studio space, and is well-known and often collaborates with a variety of art collectives and burning man camps, and has worked closely with Disorient and Blackbird as an artist and DJ. He was the creator of the Roeblingagon, NYC’s 2012 Burning Man C.O.R.E. project, and has exhibited major pieces at Pex Summer Festival, Figment, and the Governor’s Island sculpture garden. Adi is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts.

Andrea Kirk



Andrea has a special superpower for channeling creative talents into a finished product or event. Working with artists of all fields to communicate effectively and produce the best work possible amongst a team. She ensures that everyone is on the same page in order to execute events or projects in an organized and timely fashion.

She has spent the last few years working with Figment NYC as Logistics Lead and now serves as Producer. In 2012, she served as Project Manager for The Roeblingagon, the NYC C.O.R.E. Project at Burning Man.  When playing “adult,” she works as a personal assistant with clients in the financial, medical and entertainment industries.

In her spare time, she usually tries to take a nap.

Brian Veprek

Molly Levine

Phil Hollenbeck